As a result of Bed bugs Infestation on the Farm

Drop in egg production, plucked and injured birds or reduced reproductive capacity are some of the possible consequences of bed bug infestations (Cimex lectularius) in poultry farms. This is a complex pest control problem, given the characteristics of this type of installation and the limitations in the use of insecticides. Bedbugs, in the spotlight of … Read more

Cockroaches are designed to withstand forces of nearly 900 times their body weight.

Man does not cease to be inspired by nature. A new example of this is… cockroaches. Deeply hated by most humans, these insects possess a mobile exoskeleton, allowing them to move through tiny spaces and withstand forces of nearly 900 times their body weight without injury. A marvel that could be the key to building … Read more

Arthropods abound in our homes

  In contrast to the caves used by early humans, today’s Western homes are perceived as environments devoid of animal life, except for our pets. However, as the pest control industry’s turnover demonstrates, arthropods thrive in our homes, and they do in great numbers and diversity too. Since man was a sedentary animal, he has … Read more

Cockroach control in homes reduces asthma symptoms in children

Exposure to cockroaches is a major trigger for asthma symptoms, especially in children with asthma who live in cities. Controlling the presence of these insects is not always easy, but it is necessary because, according to a study carried out in the USA, the mere strategic application of low-toxicity insecticide baits can significantly reduce exposure … Read more

Eating makes bed bugs more resistant to insecticides

The ability to feed after treatment with insecticides significantly increases the bedbugs’ chances of survival. This is the conclusion of a study published by the Entomological Society of America, which raises the need to consider this fact in laboratory tests to assess the effectiveness of insecticides used against this pest. Like other bloodsucking insects, blood … Read more