How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are amazing creatures to have around your garden. They naturally help control the pest population in your yard and are typically going to stay away from people. However, just like human beings, spiders tend to relocate their homes indoors when the weather begins to cool. Although they detest humans and most spiders are not venomous or harmful, these pests can be unsightly and annoying to many people. Luckily, there are several methods available that can help control and, in some cases, eliminate your spider problem. These methods range from applying chemicals to your home to using natural food products and plant life to deter these creatures from ever setting foot inside or around the outside of your house. Any of these methods combined with routine cleanings inside your home will help you get rid of spiders.

Home Remedies to Prevent Spiders

As the weather begins to cool down, spiders tend to migrate indoors for survival. Whether you have been inundated with spiders in your home or just noticed one in the corner of your kitchen, a spider sighting can be a distressing and uncomfortable moment. If you are not in the market to spring for a costly exterminator, there are a few home remedies that you can do yourself that will help control this issue. Kits that are designed to control spiders are available at your local big box stores. These kits include all the solutions and tools you will need to get rid of spiders. There are also items that you probably having laying around your house that will help deterred these eight legged creatures. The smell of common items such as garlic, citrus and white vinegar are unattractive to spiders. Mix the citrus or white vinegar with a little water and spray in the corners or crevices that you see spiders gathering at. Or rub some garlic cloves along your windowsills and wall skirting to keep spiders from entering your home.

Using Pesticides to Treat for Spiders

If you prefer to go the route of using pesticides to control the spider population inside and outside of your house, there are have concentrated insecticides that are available for consumer purchase at most big box stores. These insecticides are user-friendly, but may be harmful to humans and pets as well as pests. However, if you choose to spray a concentrated insecticide on the exterior of your home will help to get rid of spiders in two ways. First, it will kill any spiders that are already present. Second, it will help eliminate food sources which will discourage new spiders from moving in. If you are not the handy type, or not interested in going the do-it-yourself route, hiring a pest control company may be the best remedy for you. Find the best option that fits your budget and unique needs from either a local pest control store, or a nation-wide chain. The exterminator will inspect your home and provide you personalized recommendations based on your specific issue. This may allow for complete piece of mind that your spider problem is completely under control.

Natural Remedies for Treating Spiders

Due to the harmful effects that some chemical treatments for pest can have on humans and pets, there are those individuals that would prefer to find more natural ways to deal with spiders in their home. These natural remedies and methods will help you control the pest without harming the spider or yourself. There are items on the market such as the spider vacuum. It allows you to catch the spider and release it outdoors without hurting the animal. Essential oils such as peppermint also act in the same way and may be a more viable option for those who cannot stomach the overpowering smell of garlic or vinegar. Sprucing up your plant boxes with lavender or mint plants, or planting a eucalyptus tree near your home will deter the animal away from your house. Finally, simple things like sealing any cracks in your walls or small openings in your window and door frames can go a long way to help you get rid of spiders from using your home as its winter getaway.

Although typically not harmful, spiders can be a nuisance and make you feel as though your house has been invaded. Determining the best way for you to get rid of spiders in your home depends on your personal beliefs and unique home situation. Whether you choose to call an exterminator, pick up a chemical kit that you can administer yourself, or you choose to go the natural route, deterring and eliminating spiders from your home is not as daunting as task as you may think. In addition to these methods, tips to help avoid the problem of spiders entering your home include ensuring regular cleanings of the interior of your home to eliminate places for the spider to hide out. Also, this will prevent insects (a spider's food source) from arriving essentially starving spiders out. In addition, simply knocking down spider webs on the exterior of you home will help discourage spiders from setting up camp in those areas and thus moving them onto other locations. Combining any of these methods is an easy way to help you get rid of spiders inside and outside of your home.