Pest Patrol

Pest patrols are one way to deal with pest control will facilitate the eradication, prevention, and eradication of pests quickly. Pest infestations can occur in homes, businesses, gardens, or other areas and can be caused by various pests such as insects, rodents, or birds. A pest infestation can cause property damage and, in some cases, … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Eat Dead Skin?

Bed bugs don’t consume dead skin, though. Bed bugs eat blood from their victims exclusively because of their unique mouth anatomy. They lack movable mouth parts that could potentially bite and eat dead skin. According to their physiological needs, bed bugs cannot obtain food from dead skin. What do bed bugs consume or ingest? Specifically … Read more

Can You Get Bed Bugs From Hugging Someone?

Although it is technically possible to contract bed bugs from a hug, this is extremely uncommon. There is no need to be concerned about contracting bed bugs from another person after a brief physical encounter, unlike bacteria or viruses. As long as you keep your clothing away from beds and furnishings when you are at … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Play Dead?

No, bed bugs do not pretend to be dead. If a bed bug is motionless and appears to be dead, it most likely is. This presumption is probably based on situations where a homeowner believes that bed bugs have been eliminated only for a reinfestation to happen a few weeks later. Perhaps they think that … Read more