Cockroach control in homes reduces asthma symptoms in children

Exposure to cockroaches is a major trigger for asthma symptoms, especially in children with asthma who live in cities. Controlling the presence of these insects is not always easy, but it is necessary because, according to a study carried out in the USA, the mere strategic application of low-toxicity insecticide baits can significantly reduce exposure … Read more

Eating makes bed bugs more resistant to insecticides

The ability to feed after treatment with insecticides significantly increases the bedbugs’ chances of survival. This is the conclusion of a study published by the Entomological Society of America, which raises the need to consider this fact in laboratory tests to assess the effectiveness of insecticides used against this pest. Like other bloodsucking insects, blood … Read more

Are termites active in Winter?

Even in the winter, termites continue to be active. However, the daily pattern of subterranean termite colonies changes a little in the winter. Subterranean termites often dig deeper into the ground in colder areas to acquire the heat they require to survive. Termites: More Than A Summer Issue It makes it reasonable to believe you … Read more

Termites Subterranean

A form of social insect called subterranean termites resides in the wood of structures or underground colonies. Because they construct their nests underground while scavenging for food above ground, they are known as “subterranean” animals. These termites are significant decomposers in many environments, but they may also seriously harm wooden buildings. Termites Subterranean: Species, Life … Read more

How Long Flies Live?

It could appear as though flies are a constant summertime nuisance, bothering people in their homes, on their patios, and even during a romantic picnic. How long do flies live, though? A fly’s lifespan is influenced by its species and the environment it lives in. For example, fruit flies and house flies have relatively brief … Read more

Ultrasonic Pest Control Side Effects for Humans & Pets

Some people report side effects such as tinnitus, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and vomiting, but these individuals usually have sensitive hearing. Cats and dogs are generally not affected by the sounds, but domestic mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits can show signs of distress. It’s true, having a pest problem is really annoying. One of the … Read more

100% Natural Pest Control for Gardens

Natural garden pest control can use physical barriers to protect plants, growing fragrant herbs and flowers to keep pests away and growing flowers to attract pest predators. Additionally, we recommend using a solution of water and dish soap to repel pests and the use of natural predators such as ladybugs and lacewings to reduce pests. … Read more

Bed Bugs on Ceilings

Because they may travel on walls to reach the ceiling, bed bugs can be seen on ceilings. Even though they may be seen on the ceiling, they won’t venture far from their harborages or hiding places for long. Because they view humans as hazardous, bed bugs prefer to stay out of human sight. The presence … Read more