Make your own fumigation in 5 steps

As it is difficult to live with pests in your home, they appear at the least opportune times, leaving their infestation of diseases in their wake. To put an end to these creepy crawlies for good, at De Todo Plagas we recommend some actions that will be useful when identifying and controlling these invaders. Tips … Read more

Get rid of cockroaches with these simple steps

Cockroaches are tough and highly unpleasant insects. And although they are not wild or aggressive animals, they bring with them many illnesses Its high resistance and adaptability are recognized, which makes it a difficult pest to eliminate. When they invade a place, they invade entire colonies. It is important that the method we will use is … Read more

No Signs of Bed Bugs but i have Bites

You could still have bed bug bites even if you don’t see any bed bugs. Tiny and elusive, bed bugs can conceal themselves in various locations, including the seams of your mattress, the folds of your linens, and the crevices and gaps in your bed frame. They can also conceal themselves in other pieces of … Read more

Predators of mosquito?

Unbelievably, there is a vast list of mosquito predators. Our aim as homeowners is to keep any pests out of our house. You never want visitors and family members to come to your house and deal with mosquitoes or other pests. Always keep in mind to apply a mosquito-repelling pest control service. Predators of mosquito? … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Walls?

Getting rid of rats in your home’s walls can be challenging, but it’s crucial to take action as soon as you notice a problem. Mice can cause damage to your house, transmit sickness, and emit an unpleasant stench. How to get rid of rats in the walls? To get rid of wall rats, include: Filling … Read more