Benefits of Endotherapy on trees

O “tree endotherapy” It is a sanitary therapy to carry out phytosanitary treatments on trees, which consists of the direct injection of phytosanitary products and/or nutritional complexes into the vascular system of the plant.

Benefits of Endotherapy on trees

Compared to traditional treatments, it stands out for:

    1. The absence of spraying chemicals into the environment, and therefore it is harmless to the health of people and animals.
    1. Avoid indiscriminate application of products.
    1. The treatments are specific and act only against those pathogenic agents (pests and diseases) that feed on plant matter, respecting those that do not.

It works from the ability of existing sap flow inside the vascular tissues (basically the xylem). This is determined based on two parameters: respiration and photosynthesis.


    • Prolonged effectiveness of at least one year, thus avoiding possible resistance to the product.
    • Zero environmental impact technique.
    • It acts against phytophagous insects, thus respecting their natural enemies, that is, it only eliminates insects that feed on the plant causing damage.
    • Extended use to any type of ornamental tree, whether against cryptogamous pests or diseases.

between his main advantages are the following:

    • Closed application method:
    1. More specific and controlled use of chemicals.
    2. Reduction-elimination of environmental pollution.
    3. Possibility of treatments in urban areas eliminating side effects on citizens and furniture
    • Greater efficiency of the active substances applied by injection, as they are distributed over a greater percentage of tissues. Mainly in cases of ineffectiveness of the traditional means of application, due to the behavior of the causative agent of the pest or pathology.
    • Greater persistence of the product inside the tree and, therefore, longer treatments are effective. With a single application, it is enough in many cases to correct the deficiency or solve the problem that the tree presents in its phytopathology, remaining in the same place for at least one year.
    • Speed โ€‹โ€‹of action: The time it takes the tree to absorb any of these injections varies from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on the state of the tree and its variety.
    • Cleaning: Through this system, we avoid contamination of the environment, especially in the case of treating pests, where the spraying method is normally used.
    • Efficacy: By injecting the active ingredient directly into the sap of the tree, we guarantee a uniform distribution of the product and in the right amount to obtain a positive and immediate reaction.
    • Especially suitable for unique trees.


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