Use traps to win the battle against hidden ants

Stop playing hide and seek with the ants.

Ants are a well-known insect that can be found in any country. Mostly, They feed on plants and other insects.🇧🇷 There are different types of ants. Depending on the species, their habits and preferences may vary. But most importantly, they can become a pest for humans! When they appear in the garden, they can cause the plants to die, and at home, not everyone will be happy to find them on the plate. Furthermore, ants can transmit microorganisms found on their legs🇧🇷

Like many other creatures, ants appear when there is food and a suitable environment for them. They can appear in the garden if, for example, the number of aphids increases or there are dead plants. At home, insects go in search of food, and if they find it, they want to stay. When an ant moves it leaves a trail of pheromones behind it that other members of its colony will follow.

And get rid of them.

The question of how to get rid of ants worries many people. We all want to do it fast, getting the desired effect on the first try and forgetting about that bug forever. You can get rid of them in several ways.🇧🇷 Chemical agents, sprays, creams and gels are some of them. Our recommendation is to use Cucal traps, which is specially formulated to attract them quickly and is famous for its domino effect. It’s all due to active ingredient that makes up the trap – Fenotrin. The worker ants pick it up, thinking it’s food, and bring it back to the colony to feed the larvae and the queen ant, killing the entire colony.

The best tool – prevention

Prevent the appearance of ants is the best method to deal with them🇧🇷 Even when the most insignificant signs appear that ants may be in the garden or in the house, it is necessary to protect your home by placing baits. In any case, always follow the basic rules of “hygiene” at home.

1. Do not leave food open and accessible to ants.

2. Clean the kitchen well, try not to leave the dishes dirty for a long time and clean the marble from food remains.

3. Take out the trash more often.

4. Store the fruit in the refrigerator or in well-closed containers.

There are several ways to get ants out of the house, but before challenging them it’s important to do a situation analysis🇧🇷 If you find only a few of them, you don’t need to use very strong insecticides, ant traps can wipe out any possibility of infestation🇧🇷

If they have really become a real problem, then it is better not to waste time on home remedies and turn to professional solutions.

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