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If you find a cockroach, it is important to determine if it is a lone beater or if there are signs of a possible infestation🇧🇷 In any case, one thing is certain: it is important to eliminate them as soon as possible, especially since these household pests are gregarious and prefer to share food and nesting sites close together. Therefore, a The lone explorer is probably not alone, she’s just leading the group to the next abode.

But before we start bombarding our home with expensive professional help, we might as well try products with new, effective formulas.

The quickest and easiest way to deal with cockroaches is to spray them and kill them as soon as we spot them.before things get out of hand. Some sprays were found to be ineffective as they only hit visible parasites, ignoring the fact that there is or will be a nest nearby.

Instant removal.

Instant Cucal, for example, is a insecticide that instantly kills cockroaches and their eggs🇧🇷 Your powerful formula will even kill a whole range of pesky insects such as ants🇧🇷 But one of the most important things is that, in addition to its strong immediate effect, we just sprinkle, leaves a protective film that lasts up to 48 hours🇧🇷 This prolongs its effectiveness, allowing you to eliminate the cockroaches’ invisible companions as well, as well as preventing the visit of new adventurous insects.

For one best resultit is recommended apply the product directly to the insect if possible, spraying it for 2 to 3 seconds. Later, we can complement this spraying these creatures’ hotspots and other risk areas such as cracks and crevices, areas where we normally leave organic materials such as garbage, dark and damp places such as attics, basements or garages. However, it is important do not apply pesticide on the kitchen counter or in places where food is handled. To the safety for pets and childrenit is advisable not to spray the floor indiscriminately.

Night cockroaches.

Finally, it is useful to know that cockroaches are more active at night, which is when they usually go out to feed, making the most of a peaceful home. That’s why it’s best to apply Cucal traps to protect its spaces before bed, allowing it to do its work while we rest.

And now you have! These smart, long-lasting products will be all you need to get your home back on its feet and get rid of pests.

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