How Mosquito Repellents Applied to the Skin Work

Why do mosquitoes feel bad when they get close to your skin if you use repellent?

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that people release when they breathe, as well as certain odors that emanate from our skin. Repellents mask our attractiveness.
  • Skin repellents are not harmful to mosquitoes, which makes them different from pesticides.
  • Icaridin-based repellents are the most effective and are available in many places, but we should opt for established brands that always carry out adequate quality control.

In nature, in the field or even at home, you will need specific means to help you deal with midges: lotions, creams, sprays. What you need to know about these repellent products before you start using them this is why mosquitoes don’t like you when you use them and how to apply them correctly. We will tell next.

What is a repellent?

Repellents are products that protect us against all kinds of pests, such as mosquitoes. Some of them simply disguise the human appeal to these bloodsuckers. Something that could actually be achieved with the use of natural products, prepared with essential oils such as eucalyptus. However, some people don’t find them very effective. Other repellents are much stronger and attack mosquitoes in flight.
The composition of these includes strong chemicals – Icaridin, IR-3535, p-Menthane-3,8-diol and most often – diethyl toluamide (DEET). They all work in a similar way.

Insects, particularly mosquitoes, are attracted to the carbon dioxide released by people when they breathe, as well as certain skin odors. Insect repellent has the same effect on insects as bad perfume. in people – rejection. Curiously, repellent does not harm insectswhich makes it fundamentally different from pesticides.

Icaridin-based repellents are the most effective and widely available, but they can also be highly toxic. However, all repellents are certified before they go on sale, so a cream, lotion or spray with a high content of toxic substances would never enter the market. Take your time when choosing between the different types of lotions and don’t skimp on the expense, trust established brands that give you the confidence of having carried out an adequate quality control. For example, Bloom Derm Repellent Lotion will protect you and your family from mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. This product applies and absorbs easily. If you arrive late and have already been stung, you can use soothing products such as Bloom Derm Post-Sting Gel.

Bloom Derm Repellent Lotion

Bloom Derm post-sting gel

Aloe Vera’s natural support

Aloe Vera is one of the most nutritious plants that exist, aloe contains about 130 active components and 34 amino acids that are beneficial for the skin and at the same time harmful for mosquitoes. apply repellents that contain this natural ingredient on their skin will not only be effective against unwanted mosquitoesbut they also respect your skin and are dermatologically tested.

The gel based on Aloe Vera extract quickly relieves the effects of mosquito, wasp, jellyfish and nettle bites. In addition, its roll-on application is easy and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness.

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