3 things that attract cockroaches – and how to get rid of them

Let’s get to know them a bit before we find out what attracts them. Cockroaches have rather flat and oval bodies, which allows them to hide even in the narrowest place that you would never have thought they could live in. They have six long spiny legs that allow them to run quickly on any surface, including glass. Their sensors allow them to navigate and pick up odors, since they practically do not see. Lastly, Cockroaches are a very resistant pest: once they invade your home, it will be difficult to get rid of them. But what makes them really fall in love with you?

1. Stop feeding them.

The first thing that attracts cockroaches is food.. It can be all kinds of food, from dry kibble to dog food and candy. make sure you are the substances are sealed for what cockroaches do not approach. If you find cockroaches in your food – you can throw it away! Remember that while your pantry and food storage spaces may look sterile, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods.

2. Don’t give cockroaches the conditions they need.

The second thing these types of insects look for are dark, damp areas. hide and lay their eggs. Many of these locations are in garages, basements, and other low-traffic locations. Our houses, even if well cared for, provide ideal conditions for cockroaches to thrive and reproduce. Don’t be surprised if you find cockroaches in the sink – they can be attracted to things like dirty, wet dishes. Even a wet bathroom rug on the floor can attract a few roaches.

3. Avoid piles of trash in the house.

Finally, garbage will attract not only this type of pest, but also all kinds of neighbors! And when we refer to garbage, that also includes recycling. Cockroaches love cardboard and sugary waste of glass bottles. Some types of roaches are also attracted to yard debris such as rotting leaves, so make sure your yard and yard are clean and tidy.

In short, Cockroaches can be attracted by a myriad of factors.. And many of them include moisture, food, plant debris, cracks and dark spots. Each is drawn to one thing more than another. so that you can get rid of cockroach infestation successfully We recommend that you attack key areas in your home and do you know what kind of cockroaches you are dealing with.

Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can come up with a plan of attack. cucal barrier is an insecticidal spray that creates a long-lasting insect barrier to protect your home from roaches.

Look sexy for your date, but keep the cockroaches at bay!

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