Myths and truths about cockroaches and their wings.

A little about the species.

First of all, it’s good to know that there are around 3,600 species of cockroaches cataloged by scientists. most of these inhabits tropical and subtropical regions. In fact, due to their numerous survival skills, the only continent they probably wouldn’t be able to live on would be Antarctica. Of this wide variety of species, only 10 types are pests that affect homes. It seems like a small number, but it shouldn’t be underestimated, as 10 species can create a serious threat to health.

What cockroaches have wings?

Some of these 10 species have wings, but not all are good at flying. In fact, many of them are not able to fly at all. some cockroaches they can jump short distances and even fewer, including Americans, use their wings to glide from high places. Despite this ability, American cockroaches do not fly often. Some specific types, such as the male Pennsylvania hardwood species or brown cockroaches, are considered great fliers. you can also see Asian, Australian cockroaches or green cockroach fly through the airbut none of them can be called an experienced pilot.

It’s all based on proportions.

Cockroaches are relatively large insects and that’s why its proportions don’t allow for quick maneuvers in the air. Constantly flying like this would make them easy food for birds. That’s why they prefer to use their quick legs before their pair of wings. Cockroaches have 3 pairs of legs. that help them cover distances 50 times the body in a matter of seconds. Each leg is a different length, covered in fungus and has sharp spines, which allows them to crawl on virtually any surface.

In summary, it would be correct to say that you will hardly find a cockroach flying in your kitchen or bathroom – in human homes they prefer to use their legs and move silently, with more dexterity than you might think. Although you can easily find flying cockroaches on economy and business class planes. We strongly recommend that if you ever see a cockroach in your home, whether flying or not, that you exterminate it with the help of Cucal cockroach traps. This will ensure that any roach issues are fixed.

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