How to kill a cockroach without touching it? Effective

Today cockroaches are a big nuisance, especially if they start to invade your home. They contaminate food, carry diseases, not to mention that big fright they give when you see them, all of these are consequences of having cockroaches at home.

But surely you have already seen one and said to yourself: «how far have you come» and you’ve already tried to crush it with your shoe, you know it’s not an easy task, especially if you’re afraid of it.

Besides the fact that they are very resistant insects, but if I tell you that: from now on, is there a solution? We will address the best ways to kill a cockroach without touching it.

Spray Listerine and water mixture on roaches

Listerine is a powerful antiseptic that can effectively kill cockroaches. Simply mix equal parts Listerine and pour water into a bucket or spray bottle and spray any roaches you find.

It is so effective that these insects will die quickly, in the same way that you can use Listerine to make a homemade trap and thus eliminate many cockroaches without touching them.

Use a roach spray

If you want to eliminate a cockroach without touching it, you can use a spray. There are many good sprays in stores that are created with the mission to eliminate cockroaches.

I will leave you the most useful ones from Amazon below, it is important that before using them you read how to use them correctly.

Simply, spray the spray on the cockroachdepending on the amount of the manufacturer and expect to take effect, this type of product against cockroaches works very well.

Use boric acid against cockroaches

Boric acid is a very good product for killing cockroaches without touching them.. It is classified as a pesticide, but it is actually a natural resource that can be found in supermarkets or stores that you frequent.

Using it efficiently, this product kills cockroaches in one go quickly and efficientlywithout being a threat to people or pets, although you must be careful that they do not pick it up or approach it.

If you want to use boric acid correctly to eliminate cockroaches, use powder and mix with flour or sugar in equal parts.

Pour the mixture into an empty container. Leave it in a spot where you know or think cockroaches tend to go, tip: leave it in a warm, humid area like under the fridge.

Use a bait to attract cockroaches and eliminate them

This is without a doubt one of the ones that I recommend the most, it is very effective and easy to use and for its price it is a very good option.

Its use is simple, you place and It will attract cockroaches, when they detect it, they will eat it.when they arrive at the nest they will die infecting others.

It can be found in some stores, but without a doubt this one from Amazon is very good and comes in double packaging, a professional bait against cockroaches.

Get rid of cockroaches without touching them using baking soda

Salt (baking soda) is an old and widely used home remedy that kills cockroaches without touching them. What you have to do is mix it with sugar in equal parts and you already have the mixture made.

The sugar will attract them and the baking soda will do the ugly work of killing them. As you can see, it can be used as a trap for larger cockroaches.

A good idea would be to create a container that has holes for cockroaches to get in, but when they want to escape it is very difficult for them. A good safe method for pets and children.

Kill a cockroach with diatomaceous earth without touching it

Diatomaceous earth is a natural sedimentary rock that crumbles into a fine white powder. This dust is deadly to cockroaches and other insects. because it dehydrates them by absorbing the oils and fats from their exoskeletons.

When you spread diatomaceous earth around your home, be sure to do so in the areas where cockroaches are often seen or nest.

You can put some of this powder in a small container with holes in the lid and place it near where the cockroaches have been seen.

Pests will crawl inside in search of food and water, but they won’t be able to leave again and you will end up winning. On the next button I recommend a very good one from Amazon.

How to get rid of dead cockroaches?

Sweep the cockroach very carefully and put it in a bag, then disinfect the place with bleach, ammonia or you can also use pine oil to kill cockroaches and disinfect the place.

It is important that avoid touching the cockroach as little as possible after it has been eliminatedjust as you should avoid being touched or picked up by your pets or children as it may contain disease so be careful.

I hope that all these tips are useful and you see the cockroach’s weakness in a way that you are less afraid of how to kill a cockroach without touching it, we have seen that it is possible and very effective to eliminate them.

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