How to Remove Small Cockroaches from the Microwave? Easy

we will show you the steps of how to remove small cockroaches from the microwave (or not so small), it will be three very simple steps in which we will use home remedies like water and vinegar to solve it.

It must not be nice to open the microwave door to heat the coffee and see a German cockroach (which are small). It’s enough to have that scene to want to solve it now.

Before you start cleaning and disinfecting your microwave, you should know that places like the handle, internal parts, that is, any part you can imagine, can even be infected. see cockroaches on microwave display .

The solution is easy, without food there are no cockroaches, so let’s solve this problem and heat our food.

How to get cockroaches out of the microwave?

The first piece of advice is to immediately remove the food inside and follow the process of eliminating cockroaches in the microwave, we will do this in three steps:

Unplug the microwave to be safer

Make sure the microwave is securely unplugged. Some microwaves have internal batteries, keep this in mind for your safety.

Once disconnected and secure, remove as many components as you canlike plaque, plaque, everything, once removed we continue with step number two.

Thoroughly clean the microwave

This is easy, but not least, we have to clean everything well. We need vinegar and water Yeah, mix water and vinegar in equal parts in a bucket where the pieces fit.

Don’t put parts that you think might break. like the motherboard or some digital. Leave the pieces for 24 hours in the bucket, completely covering all the pieces.

Well, 24 hours have passed, it’s time to rinse them well with a sponge. If for any reason there are still remains of burnt food, remove them, it will be easy because the vinegar softens the remains of food.

Use a little salt for better cleaning.. If you happen to have plastic or materials whose components can be damaged by vinegar, use soap instead of vinegar.

During those 24 hours, take advantage and clean the inside of the microwave with a sponge and the mixture of vinegar and water. You can also use a microwave-safe cleaning product.

Tips for cleaning the microwave and not forgetting anything:

  • The typical board with its wheel if you have one.
  • The door behind and in front.
  • Roof, floor, exterior and interior walls.
  • Buttons, handle, monitor and ventilation holes.

While checking and cleaning the microwave, look for cheaper signs such as: empty eggs, feces, wings, seedlings or some part of the cockroaches.

Cockroaches can get in places of only 1.25 mm, check that everything is clean and that there are no cracks of this size. And the last piece of advice when it comes to cleaning is to check the wall, in case there are any cracks where cockroaches are.

Finish cleaning the outside

The last one and we would have almost everything done, although it leaves some tips that will be useful after finishing this step. Time to use natural remedies or poisons to kill cockroaches in the microwave.

Now put all the microwave and start sanitizing and using microwave cockroach poison:

  • A natural repellent can be borax salt.
  • We have something you can too see in amazon and more effective and safe this poison for cockroaches in the microwaveyou can leave the bait for a few days and they would fix it like an expert.

Clean everything well, disinfect and if you want to use something stronger, use it (but read before using any insecticide).

If you think that these insects slide down pipes or drains, you can see in this post about eliminating cockroaches in drains (I comment on some natural remedy that you can use in the microwave Furthermore).

Some tips for removing small cockroaches from the microwave

Some tips that we will say are good even if they are obvious are usually forgottenso it never hurts to remember them:

  • Do not microwave and parts in a hot or humid environment.
  • do not use insecticide or similar inside the microwave.
  • If you use poison, be sure to clean the cockroaches and debris removed and disinfect it again.
  • Let it sit for at least a few days to air out, keeping an eye on it.
  • you can use wineput a glass in it and if it has cockroaches they will drink it, it is a lethal medicine for them.
  • Make sure there are no cockroach nests in the microwave.
  • Use a syringe, like the one I recommended before (gel) and put some under the microwave, wall or piece of furniture that is located in the microwave.

How to prevent cockroaches from entering the microwave?

Pretty simple, be clean. Seriously, the microwave can be a great place for cockroaches if it’s hot, with leftover food, and wet if we heat something up.

For prevent cockroaches from microwavingIn addition to avoiding the aforementioned, clean it weekly. Use a cleaner that preferably has bleach in it, which will help keep roaches away.

Can I put an insect repellent like Raid in my microwave?

O insecticide is poisonous and should not be mixed with food. In addition, it can damage the microwave due to the material it is made of, never use these products in the microwave.

Also, do not use foggers or other pest killers in the microwave. Be careful because it can be a big danger.

Cockroach nest in the microwave

if you see one cockroach nest in the microwave can use sugar with yeast. Mix in equal parts and put in the microwave, you can leave it in a container, for example.

It is lethal to them and you will kill them quickly as the sugar will attract them but the baking soda will kill them.

What happens if you put a cockroach in the microwave?

Nothing would happen, just like with an ant, you can put a cockroach on it and heat it in the microwave, but nothing would happen to him. It’s a belief that they explode, so don’t even cross your mind.

If you decide to put a cockroach in the microwave, it will have the consequences of infecting the place with bacteria, in addition to the fact that they can nest in the microwave.


Yea Have you ever seen cockroaches in your microwave?, do not use, clean. Get rid of those bugs and your microwave will be active again. If you don’t feel strong enough to do it, call a professional.

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