Find out why flies live in your home.

The first way flies get into your home is through holes in closed windows, doors or ventilation grilles. Also, flies are fast enough to fly through an open window before we have time to close it.

The second way they have to break into your home is by taking fruits and vegetables, which they can carry fly eggs. Before you know it, these tenants will show up and start the reproduction process. As a result, the number will increase according to the laws of geometric progression. Eggs can arrive in a bouquet of flowers and go from being a nice gift to one that triggers a lot of trouble.

Sometimes some sleepy parasites appear during the cold winter. This occurs if the apartment is too hot. Generally, the people who live on ground floors flies suffer the most. Proximity to sewers or wet, dirty basements creates a environment that favors the reproduction of fliess. The owners also suffer a lot from these small parasites – in the field the insects live freely. Sheds, septic tanks, compost piles to fertilize plants, outdoor toilets – these are the elements that favor the development of flies. And these are the ones responsible for contaminating the lives of humans. The biggest problem with living with insects is that they don’t leave the house even if they want to. This is due to the structure of their eyes: flies cannot discern barriers well and find it hard to escape.

attraction factors

Are there more reasons for flies to appear in the house? The answer lies in their ability to be attracted by the smell of garbage. The conclusion is clear: the lack of cleanliness in a house is an invitation to this winged enterprise.

The room that wins the prize for being the most attractive place in a house is undoubtedly the kitchen. Insects move easily there because: it is full of garbage with rotten waste, dirty dishes in the sink, leftover food, bread crumbs on the table, the pet’s feeder – all this contributes to the attraction of insects. These locations create a favorable environment for the worms to sustain themselves. Other rooms that may attract them are those with high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom or garage.

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