Find out what ants do with their food besides eating it!

Food preferences

Ants are famous for being omnivorous, especially forest and field ants, which we can often see carrying dead flies or bread crumbs. Pharaoh ants – the most common household pest – are especially distinguished by their versatility in food. They can easily find plentiful sources of food even in a perfectly clean apartment. This species of ant eats almost anything: a drop of oil that fell on the floor, a few crumbs near the baseboard, sugar on the table… With all this food, they ensure that the entire colony can grow and develop safely.

Tiny carriers

While looking for food, ants can travel long distances. During warm seasons, these insects can enter your home after visit street dumpsters, public restrooms and even dumpsters. Then they march to the kitchen counter, cupboards and other places where they can find food. Although it doesn’t happen often, this migration can lead to the emergence and reproduction of various pathogens in your food that cause dangerous diseases. These include:

Dysentery – a serious disease caused by bacteria of the genus Shigella. It manifests itself acutely or chronically and is characterized by an injury that affects the functioning of the intestine and stomach.

Typhoid fever – an infectious disease caused by one of the species of salmonella, characterized by damage to the lymphatic system of the gastrointestinal system.

Diphtheria – a disease caused by Leffler’s bacteria. It is characterized by general intoxication of the body, and the appearance of sores in the mouth and nasopharynx.

salmonellosis – causes damage to the gastrointestinal tract, dehydration and intoxication of the body.

Ants also carry worm eggs. that cause the development of helminthiasis. These worms carry dangerous diseases that threaten the health and lives of our pets. They create their own food stocks in hard to reach places, where they are unfit for consumption and become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and mold fungi.

additional costs

also the ants they build their nests in household appliances, which can cause short circuits and failures in them. They can also eat natural leather and fabric, which is why you may find holes in your clothing.

At carpenter ants They got their name from their ability to gnaw through wood to create their nests. Once installed in your home, these insects continue drilling holes in furniture and other wooden elements.

We can therefore conclude that it is better hurry up to avoid their destructive behavior, and do not hesitate to use professional remedies! Chemicals, sprays, creams and gels can be used to fight ants. We also recommend using the Cucal Ant Trap, which has been specially designed to work as an ant trap.

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