Where do cockroaches come in if everything is closed?

There are several reasons that we will address, although it seems impossible, cockroaches do it and even if you have everything closed they “come in”. From sneak flying until they are already hidden inside. We will help you find where they are and you can eliminate them.

You will have advice where cockroaches come in if everything is closed and be able to stay calm at home.

They can be in that room without having to go in.

Perhaps when eliminating the cockroaches you did not disinfect it well or perhaps you did not see a crack in the floor, during the day the cockroaches are not at all active, it is at night that they come out to feed.

Make sure there is nothing and opt out of it. could be a nest of cockroachesas I explain below.

There may be a nest of cockroaches

It may be that you have eliminated all the cockroaches, but under a piece of furniture, in a pipe that you will open in a few hours, even in a crack in the wall or under a leaky tile, there could be a nest. you have to remember that they can hatch after 28-30 days about.

These insects are very cunning and the truth is that there can be nestled anywhere where you least expect it, so if you see cockroaches even when everything is closed, that could be a reason. What to do:

  • The first thing is to move the furniture and look at everything.
  • Make sure the furniture doesn’t have cracks.
  • If everything is found a priori without roach nests, look at any cracks or hollow tiles that they can access.
  • After seeing everything, proceed with disinfection and cleaning.
  • Throw some poison down a pipe that doesn’t contain water or is damp just in case.

I emphasize that it is important to look at the furniture, whether it is a Germanic cockroach, with how small it is They can sneak in anywhere..

They can fly through a window

Although it seems strange, they can fly out the window if you leave it open, especially if you live on the ground floor. It’s not normal, it’s very rare to see cockroaches come in through the window, but it’s good to keep that in mind.

You can try, after cleaning the room they enter, leaving it completely closed for a few days, without opening the windows for even an hour. If there are no more cockroaches, this may have been the cause.

in the bathroom

For the bathroom it is rare, since although they can last 40 minutes under water without drowning, it can also be the case that they have cockroaches. Try to get into the habit of always leaving the toilet seat down.

It’s not only because of cockroaches anymore, but also because of other insects that can sneak into the bathroom and into the house, it’s not pleasant to go to the bathroom and come across such an unpleasant surprise.

In the shopping bag or other packages

You may not have noticed, but when making the purchase or bringing some material from elsewhere in a bag, it contained a cockroach, so he entered the house without noticing these insects usually sneak anywhere.

Check whenever they bring you a package or in any bag, we can never relax with cockroaches, especially knowing that there is or has been a plague near us.

Through cracks in doors, windows, or electrical wiring

If your door has a hole in the top, bottom, or side, be sure to cover it up. If the windows don’t close well and have holes, they should be fixed as soon as possible, not only because of the cockroaches, but also because of the other insects.

Furthermore They can appear on electrical wiring that communicates with other floors or homes.on which they travel until they find our place and stay there.


In short, why cockroaches enter with everything closed:

  • Seal all cracks in places like doors, windows…
  • Watch when you bring bags, packages, and boxes of fruit.
  • Keep the site as clean as possible.
  • Look for nests or cockroaches in crevices.
  • Prevent them from flying through the windows.
  • Next to the bathroom.
  • Check humid and warm areas.

I hope this helps and that you find a solution to this problem. If something similar has happened to you and you want to share your experience with us, we’d be more than happy to read it, too, if we can help you in any way we can, don’t hesitate to write.

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