✅ How to Eliminate Cockroaches in Arquetas?

If you don’t know how to eliminate cockroaches in chestsWe will show you that there are several ways to solve it, it can be with products, a professional… a natural remedy would be to use hot soapy water (can be washing dishes), pour a good amount to completely eliminate eggs, feces and cockroaches in the drains.

This is sometimes beneficial, because because the cockroaches eat the soap and it ends up killing them, but this does not happen instantly, so they take it and return to the nest. once in the nest die by poisoning others.

Next, we have to make sure to eliminate the pheromones that cockroaches release to attract others to the chest. We must bear in mind that this is a home remedy to eliminate cockroaches, not the most effectiveit would have to be repeated a few times to ensure everything is completely sanitized.

Even so, it may be that we apply it wrong or that the chest fever is so severe that it is difficult for us to treat it at home. As always, there are products or professionals that can do the job more safely and effectively.

How do cockroaches get into chests?

It could be due to heavy rains or clogged drains., this can cause these insects to climb and reach the chest. It’s a perfect place for them, moisture and decomposition they love, similar to sewers.

It is a danger, for example, not to let the water run through the pipes and they dry out, because with that the cockroaches can lay eggs in them, in the cracks or crevices of the pipes.

Addendum: Don’t worry if they go to the bathroom, cockroaches can hold the repair for up to 40 minutesbut they can’t swim very well. If the bathroom is not dry and contains water, cockroaches should not come out.

Why is it necessary to remove them and do away with them?

Simply, from what was said just a few lines before, it’s a perfect habitat for them, they would reproduce quickly, which would lead to a plague and which would linger with these, diseases, bacteria and allergens.

Once you suspect you have it or are clear about it, Get rid of chest cockroaches ASAPI recommend that you use our home remedies and buy the product that we indicate below, we will also advise you how to prevent them from entering.

How to prevent cockroaches from entering the sewers?

The first and most important thing to do is simple, clean the place regularly, always with proper security and with all available elements, nobody wants to have a cockroach infestation. A few more tips you should know are:

  • Once the chest is clean, you must pour water with bleach to completely eliminate the cockroaches.
  • When cleaning, use ammonia, it is a good disinfectant.
  • Don’t leave trash nearby.
  • Clean spaces where cockroaches may live, such as a refrigerator, as this releases heat and becomes an ideal place for cockroaches.
  • It is also recommended put some chlorine in the pipes to finish eliminating the cockroaches that are found.
  • Try putting cucumber, although it sounds strange, cockroaches hate its smell, try to use it once a week.
  • Once everything is clean and disinfected, proceed to drying everything properly.

You have to be careful with the drains.

I know it’s practically impossible to avoid, but you can also apply all the advice on drains that come from the city, with proper cleaning and applying the above, you shouldn’t have any problems.

What products would you recommend to eliminate cockroaches from drains?

We already explained a home remedy to kill them, but we also have (in case you want to avoid the home remedy or as a complement to it), some products on Amazon.

It’s diatomaceous earth, a poison for cockroaches, effective to eliminate them quickly, simply throwing it away you will kill the nymphs, eggs and cockroaches that are in the chest.

I would recommend buying it, it’s always good to have it to eliminate possible pests and in order to reinforce natural remedies, this way it will be more effective and you will be more sure to eliminate eggs and cockroaches from your chest.

A few more tips to eliminate cockroaches in manholes at home

We can prepare a mixture of:

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • hot water
  • sugar

Using all of this in equal parts, just put it together and mix well. As soon as I finish, we put it in the passage areas like the pipes and also in the chest.

Another resource to get rid of them: Pest Professional

If you are worried that cockroaches will not completely disappeared into your breasts you can contact a cockroach pest professional who will be able to advise you and sort everything out.

You will be able to analyze the most effective and quick option to solve it if you have a large infestation of cockroaches and with it, your peace of mind.


Now that you know how to get rid of cockroaches in the sewers and avoid them, arm yourself with courage and go after them, I’m sure you’ll get it effectively and quickly, with the advice we’ve given you, also if you need more information, you can see on our website.

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