5 home remedies to get rid of flies

Clean up everything that attracts them

To eliminate flies, you must start with clean your house, (and you should start with the kitchen). At the same time, you should try find out where they come from and where they breed. It could be a tea bag that fell behind the garbage can, an open jar of jam, a glass of juice, some spoiled potatoes or rotten fruit. For flies, it is enough to have a piece of food stuck on the skewer. One of the easiest ways to get rid of flies is to deprive them of food.. They will disappear very soon when they have nothing to eat. Don’t forget to hide your pets’ food and throw out the trash on time!

Come on vinegar!

Try using the strong scent of vinegar to kill flies. The first way would be to boil vinegar – flies will be scared away by its smoke. However, you must be careful with this experiment and make sure the vinegar doesn’t burn. Another way is to fill a jar 1/3 with vinegar and cover the lid with paper or cloth with 5-6 mm holes. Flies will enter and inevitably die.

homemade traps

Make your own fly traps. Cut the top part of a plastic bottle, put a little water with sugar on the base and put the part that has been cut upside down so that the core of the bottle is inside but without touching the substance. It is – the flies will enter the trap and not be able to get out. Another trap can be made from a can. Cans of soup or dog food will work. Clean it with hot water and let it dry. Cover it with masking tape so the surface will be sticky when you remove the tape. Put a flashlight inside and leave it overnight. Flies will be attracted to the light and stick to the can..

Essencial oils

Make yourself a fly repellent cocktail and place it near the entryway, somewhere in the kitchen or near the window. However, this method is more useful outdoors, during dinner on the terrace, for example. Mix lavender, citronella, eucalyptus and pepper oils, add olive or vegetable oil and a little vodka. Then put the mixture in those places where you don’t want flies and enjoy the moment and the good smell of the oils.

Vacuum cleaner vs fly swatter

If it works! You can hardly get rid of all flies with a fly swatter, but they will never escape one. small portable vacuum cleaner. Turn on your weapon and move it towards the victim. Usually, the fly will be sucked off the wall, or if it tries to take off, it will, but directly into a vacuum. now this technique only works on solid surfaces. It is almost impossible to catch a fly with this technique in the air. But you’ll have fun trying.

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