3 things that don’t work to fight cockroaches

Some people can consider using bleach to get rid of roaches. Because bleach solves everything, right? Mistake. Bleach can kill cockroaches if we can drown them or make them drink. But let’s face it; If you didn’t know what lye was, would you mistake it for a refreshing drink after smelling it? So unless you’re interested in flooding your house with bleach, you’re going to have trouble getting roaches anywhere near this product.

Use citrus sprays.

Another common misconception is the misconception that you can win the war against cockroaches by using citrus-based sprays or citrus-scented products., because cockroaches hate sour fruits. While the latter is true and may help prevent a plague, it is true that it’s not a solution. This also applies to other types of home remedies, such as putting in cucumber peels or bay leaves. We know you don’t like the smell, but we can’t forget that. they are a very hardy and adaptable pest. Feeding cockroaches is never a good way to get rid of them.

Home remedies.

O The biggest problem with home remedies is that they can work, but they can be very dangerous., because it could mean exposing yourself to unnecessary risks with chemicals or making the pest worse. Furthermore, these types of actions usually focuses only on visible enemies, when cockroaches usually come in groups. Therefore, it is very likely that your home remedy to control the pest will not reduce its population.

Act like a pro.

For a pest, the most recommended is use professional solutions, Cockroach Traps, Cockroach Barrier or Instant Cockroach. Do you remember we said that cockroaches eat other cockroaches? Well, that’s what makes this solution so effective: cockroaches eat the poison and take it back to the nest. These traps also work to terminate scouts who may have entered your home in search of food, water, or shelter, before they even have time to alert the rest of the team!

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