Cockroaches are comfortable under the fridge

Where can they hide?

Cockroaches like warmth and simply don’t like to live in places with low temperatures. So why are they hiding in the fridge? In many cases, this pests live in the thermal insulation layer, which is part of the refrigerator. In addition, there are also many slots behind the refrigerator where the circuits are located. In rare cases, cockroaches can squeeze through the rubber gaskets and into the fridge. This happens mainly on older devices, which are not very reliable.

Ice cream is for you, not for cockroaches!

When you have already determined that cockroaches are hiding under the refrigerator or inside its components, proceed with insulation. To do it, you must disconnect the refrigerator from the mains and remove all the products that are inside. So, you must clean it completely, without feeling sorry for the cockroaches and their eggs- To kill them, you can use Cucal ant traps, which they will wipe out the entire colony.

After that, use Cucal Barrera to strengthen your defense and prevent them from coming back.

If you’ve ever seen cockroaches inside your fridge, you must check the condition of the rubber seals inside the door. It is very likely that the rubbers have lost their properties and are unable to close properly. In that case, they must be replaced with new ones and the inside of the refrigerator must be cleaned with detergent.

O use of insecticides It is not recommended for inside the fridge as you store your food inside. We strongly recommend that you do not, it is better to wash it perfectly. If treatment of the inner part is necessary, use folk remedies for this, for example, boric acid. It is harmless to people and will give good results.

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