5 reasons why ants line up to get into your kitchen

Some food

If you saw ants in the kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have their nest there, the ants might just come to explore and provide provisions for the rest of your colony. Therefore, your leftovers can become a perfect target for those insects that have a highly developed sense of smell and they are especially fond of sugars, fruits, and honey.

the door seals

Any access is an open door for ants to invade your home. They will use any crack they can find, so going under the door seems perfect. To prevent these guests from invading by entering the door as a guest, check all doors with access to the outside and make sure they are closed and sealed. And don’t forget to leave them closed!

the windows too

The same as with doors, often the places where ants constantly return, also have windows that are not properly sealed. Ants are smart and agile enough to enter through very small openings. They are often found in small crevices around windows, especially those with wooden frames. ONE pretty obvious advice would be to re-seal the windows and repair all existing and potential cracks.

attractive plants

Ants use plants and trees from your home to shelter and feed. Ants with colonies near your home may also use vegetation as a bridge to your house. To avoid access doors, cut these plants as soon as you notice any contact with your home. You can also place plants that scare away insects. Plants such as mugwort, catnip, or mint and wort are excellent examples of insect repellent plants.

ants with colonies spring

It was observed that ants they are most active during the spring period. They send their scouts to inspect the territory around their nest for food. In doing so, the ants secrete pheromones. This chemical trail helps them find their way back home or to the food source. So there’s probably already a well-marked path to your kitchen which is why the ants keep popping up again and again, as if they were visiting the supermarket.

Could have more reasons for ants to get into your kitchenhowever, these are the most common. To effectively prevent the invasion, use a professional pest control product such as Cucal ant trap It will be the best plan to stop this and get the ants out of your territory.

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