cockroaches in your kitchen

What attracts you so much?

Cockroaches are creatures that thrive in indoor environments where people live. The kitchen provides everything they need to reproduce – warmth, shelter and easy access to food and water.. If these conditions are possible, they will invade your home and multiply quickly.

These creatures mostly nest near food sources and are often found under ovens and refrigerators, as well as in nearby cracks and crevices. You probably won’t be able to see them during the day unless their population is already very large. This pest is dragged by decaying matter from different areas of the houses, and have been found to spread around 33 types of dangerous bacteria.

Keep it clean.

In order not to let them wander at will, the first thing you must do is keep your kitchen clean – don’t leave crumbs or food out in the open. This household pest is usually attracted to very strong odors, such as garbage or compost, but it can also find little crumbs any a drop of fat. So don’t hesitate to throw out your garbage regularly!

Pay special attention to areas with food. Cockroaches prefer places where food tends to accumulate. – near or in the dishwasher (if not clean). They like to be between the stove and the hob. And of course these bugs are crazy about your pantry. Deny access to bread covering it with plastic bags and cleaning it whenever you can. Cockroaches love flourtherefore, take it out of the bag and store it in an airtight plastic container.

Keep it dry.

At cockroach nest mainly in damp, dark areas, under appliances, sinks and cabinets, behind baseboards and in wall cracks. how they look attracted to water and moisture, cockroaches drink from leaky or drained faucets and condensation under the refrigerator.

Be sure to keep areas under the sink and appliances dry. One piece of advice would be to use Cockroach Traps or Cockroach Barrier as preventive measures so that cockroaches do not invade your kitchen.

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