Why flies are so annoying and interesting at the same time.

It’s nothing personal, just natural instinct.

There is probably no more annoying creature in the world than a fly. We can scare them as many times as we want, but they always come back for more. We must know that the fly has nothing to do with it, it’s yours instinct. After all, she considers herself the mistress of the house, having been born and raised there. Did you know that they never stray more than 100 meters from their birthplace? It’s a scientific fact. So there’s no question why they act the way they do – they spend most of their short lives in one place!

Flies are very interesting creatures. Another example is that they can run on the roof without falling. It turns out that flies have three pairs of legs, each with five parts. At the end of each part, what we would call the “foot”, are two claws, reinforced with adhesive pads. This allows them to run safely in any space, even on the roof.

the flies are always looking for food. They expend a huge amount of energy to fly, and in addition, throughout their lives they lay more than 2000 eggs. They need a lot of protein and nutrients.

Flies don’t eat, they just taste us.

Flies eat everything under their mouth.: food residues, fats and other organic particles. Our body is like a field full of food for them.: epidermis, fat, perspiration. what their taste receptors are on their paws, the first thing a fly does when it lands on a person is taste it. If she finds something she likes, she’ll come back again and again, regardless of whether we get rid of them. Sometimes you may have noticed that the touch of flies is something wet, as if the insect were kissing or sucking the skin. It’s not an illusion. Flies cannot eat They only absorb liquids, so they secrete some vomit into hard foods to soften them up.. Also, flies are not very good at remembering things, they forget your threats and dangerous curses quickly.

Another reason why flies are attracted to your body is because the heat you give off. Flies are cold-blooded creatures and can only receive heat from outside sources. On cold days, these insects tend to get under people’s skin to warm up. In addition to our heat, sweat is a prize for them.

If you find flies in your house, or if one of them has been bothering you for some time – don’t hesitate to resort to professional remedies like Bloom Max. Spray 4h Insecticide. It is essential to remember that these creatures are carriers of a large number of diseases.

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