Cockroaches also inhabit clean homes.

Don’t be afraid and clean

Don’t worry if you find a cockroach infestation, it doesn’t mean you are dirty or your home is in unsanitary condition. Still, things like clutter, They can make it easier for pests to survive. Those cockroaches found in tidy houses are less likely to be part of a large group than those found in messy homes. Cockroaches are also attracted to paper things like newspapers and cardboard, as they use them to communicate with other people through pheromones. Cockroaches can also be attracted by leftover food on the table. Dishwashers or countertops with leftover food can attract potential cockroaches.

To play hide-and-seek.

The cockroaches they are some pros when it comes to hiding. There are many places where they can hide in your home. If you understand their natural habitat and feeding behavior, you will be able to identify and Check these areas. Cockroaches prefer to hide in tight corners.. Look behind the refrigerator, use a flashlight to look under the sink and in the darkest drawers and cabinets. Cockroaches look for food at night. and they also eat a wide variety of non-edible materials such as glue! This allows them to survive anywhere, even in the cleanest of homes.

M&M’s: methods, shapes and measures

Prevention and observation are crucial to avoid the colonization of cockroaches. Fortunately, there are some basic things you can do at home to limit cockroach activity and prevent future infestations. Store products in closed containers and keep your pet’s food closed. Keep countertops, tables and floors clean of fat and food. Prevent and repair leaky drains and don’t let moisture get under sinks and basins.

Seals cracks and holes near doors and walls. And investigate for signs of cockroaches, such as eggs, debris or cockroach remains. If you find traces of a possible invasion, do not hesitate to resort to solutions such as Cucal cockroach traps.

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