Ants in your garden and on your houseplants.

Reasons for visit

Ants live all over the world. The only place you won’t find them, at least for now, is Antarctica or Greenland. But in other places, you don’t have to go far to find these annoying insects, which may have settled in the pots of our plants. And then the questions arise: how did they get there and what do we do about it? Ants can appear in a home for a variety of reasons.. The main reason can be the lack of regular cleaning. They can be attracted to leftover food on the table or on the floor.

Another thing that can motivate them to settle indoors is the cold. ants love heat, then, going in and hiding in the houseplants, they find their much-needed refuge. And it is not very good for them to settle on your plants, as these insects can damage their roots and end up killing them. Also, ants are attracted to the sticky fluid released by other pests. that live in the soil of plants – aphids and mealybugs. In addition, fire ants, for example, like to settle on indoor plants and hide in their foliage.

Ants, like many insects, They are most active during spring.. If you have an anthill in the garden, it is also possible that you carry bugs or their eggs on the soles of your shoes. Be that as it may, if they appeared in the pots of your favorite plants, you urgently need to get rid of them. No matter how charming, wonderful and hardworking ants are – the flowers will suffer. Correctly identifying how the ants got there will help you choose the best method to effectively fight them.

Necessary methods

The most common way to get rid of ants is to flood the anthill.. Pots can be placed in a deep tank or basin so that they are completely submerged. If the pot is too heavy to lift, you can pour in water, but be sure to cover all the holes first. After a while, the ants will come out of the ground or simply drown. After half an hour, drain the water and, if possible, transplant the plant into new soil, carefully cleaning the roots to make sure that there are no eggs.

Take over control

In addition to home methods, there are a large number of insecticides that you can buy, and that will always be an effective tool in the fight against these pests. In the first place, you must watch the baits and sprays, such as Cucal ant traps. Another easy-to-use but very effective solution would be Instant Cucal Insecticide, which will attack not only ants but also cockroaches.

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