What happens if a fly steps on your apple?

Find out if flies are just harmless or carry hidden threats!

But why do we hate flies and want to get rid of them? Should we do this? Here we start talking about the unhealthy habits of flies. To begin with, they spend most of their lives finding dirty places to live, and it has been observed that they can carry more than 5 million germs on their little feet, those that land on your food.

Have you ever seen yellow spots after seeing a fly fly off your food? – Well, that’s nothing but vomit. With their loads of bacteria and nasty habits, houseflies are known to carry more than 100 diseasesWhich are they distributed when these insects feed on organic substances. In some countries these flies transmit typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis.

In addition, they deposit waste, spreading pathogens and making their rate of disease transmission is one of the highest among all insects. But what’s more, houseflies lay their eggs in fresh animal feces or decaying organic matter, such as garbage, and the larvae feed from there.

Short life, long offspring

One fly can lay about 2,000 eggs. during their lifetime, however, due to natural selection, most of these do not survive. Once the eggs hatch, they go in search of a dry and cool place where they can develop and transform into the greyish winged insects that we know so well, with an average size of 6mm in length.

Usually they usually live a maximum of 40 days, but it depends on the temperature and living conditions. Depending on their life cycle, house flies prefer to live in warm houses, usually filled with food. With people, they live longer than in freedom. However, their ability to reproduce and lay thousands of eggs throughout their lives makes them capable of surviving even the harshest conditions.

Don’t kill them, we need them too

With all this, our life would not be possible without flies, they are eco-friendly insects. These little creatures make a vital work for us – help us recycle plants, animals and other organic waste. In addition to recycling, we use flies to determine how long a body has been dead!

Despite whatever advantages flies may have, it’s always best to keep them out of the house to prevent the illnesses these pesky insects bring. Seeking professional help can be costly and home methods and tricks are, to say the least, ineffective in dealing with this problem. However, you can always get rid of them with professional remedieslike Bloom Max, who flies cannot fight.

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