How to relax in the garden without disturbing the ants

fighting ants

Fighting ants is a complex task that requires an efficient and informed approach. Use incorrect methods or ineffective in ending them can lead to colony recovers easily and even make her immune to your poison.

Ants, in addition to being able to enter your home and wreak havoc, can also damage the trees and plants in your garden. Most ant species build their nests underground, in the roots of trees. If ants choose a tree and decide to live under it, it is likely that this tree does not live more than 2-3 years.

Another characteristic of ants is their love for aphids. Ants capture these insects, drag them to their nests and “milk” them for honeydew. This process helps to multiply, since it is a permanent source of food. Therefore, you need to get rid of both pests at once.

First aid

Ants usually settle in places where the soil is rarely treatedBecause they don’t like to be bothered. Therefore, the more often Do you work in your garden, the harder it will be for you to find an anthill. It is also important that treat tree trunks with a strong chalk solution, so that the chalk covers not only the trunk, but also the soil around it.

If ants have already invaded it, and there is an anthill in your garden, it’s time to take more serious measures. An anthill must be dug deep. To get rid of garden ants once and for all, it is need to destroy their nests. Afterwards, they will most likely move out of your house. To destroy the root nest, try adding some chalk water to the ground.

Important points

In the first place, it is important to eliminate The main cause of the population explosion of ants – aphids. Your demise it will make your task much easier. At the same time, it is necessary use targeted features against ants such as cucal ant traps.

Do not try to kill them by crushing them – this is absolutely impossible, because there are hundreds of thousands of them under the ground. And yet, the existence of the colony does not depend on the workers you see in the backyard. It is necessary destroy the “queen” and their descendants to get rid of the population.

Use your weapons wisely. to the smallest danger signal for the queen and her offspring, the entire anthill mobilizes. Is important pour the poison directly into the sourcewithout triggering the “alarm sensors”.

Don’t be too harsh. All living organisms are involved in complex chains, and if one of the links is removed, the ecological balance will be broken. A gardener will not find absolute peace if he completely eliminates the colony, as he will most likely start a new battle with other “bloodthirsty” enemies.

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