Have fun in the park this weekend without being bothered by flies.

There’s nothing more annoying than flies coming after your food while you’re having a picnic or barbecue outside. In addition to looking unpleasant, the presence of flies in your freshly cooked food can be harmful to your health, especially for children. Below you can find the reasons why flies try to share your picnic and some recommendations on how to relax and enjoy the outdoors without you.

Flies in green areas

The well-known and recognizable fly (Brachycera Diptera) lives in most climates on Earth. You can find it almost everywhere. It is commonly called a housefly as they literally live in people’s homes and stalk their food and waste. However, these species are able to live outdoors, especially in parks, where they often find garbage to feed and breed.

To provide you with some information about why they are dangerous to health, suffice it to say that flies spend most of their lives discovering dirty places. your feet have over 5 million germs. For this reason, flies are considered carriers of large amounts of bacteria, which can deposit on the floor, sometimes in the form of yellowish vomit, which they use to soften the crumbs.

Flies transmit typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis, and they always deposit waste, spreading pathogens. This makes your disease transmission rate one of the highest of all pests.

Do you have everything ready for the picnic?

Alright, now you’re ready for the picnic! Food and drink prepared, you bring the tablecloth and sunglasses. You have everything? Don’t forget to grab a pair of plastic gloves and garbage bags. When you arrive at your destination, be sure to clean your surroundings – flies are attracted to strong odors and you will reduce the risk that they will accompany you if you collect dog droppings or rubbish around you and place them in airtight bags before throwing them away (we hope you have them, but if not, we recommend that you collect them anyway for your own good ) ). If you are planning an outdoor party, be sure to leftover food is bagged and placed in a container with a closed lid.

save your backyard

yes you have fly problems in your backyard or in the garden can also prevent its appearance. Mow the lawn frequently, this will make the environment uncomfortable for them – they like to hide in tall grass, so keep the bushes trimmed and don’t let the piles of debris rot.

Another tip would be get rid of standing water sourcessuch as gutters or tires. This also helps reduce the risk of mosquitoes. Never leave leftover meat or other food after organizing barbecues, it also attracts flies and wasps.

While preparing your backpack for a weekend of outdoor activities, it will make your life much more comfortable if you take the Bloom Barrier Exterior with you. By spraying the product around the area, you can forget about any problems caused by flies or other insects.

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