5 tips so that flies don’t spoil your adventure.


If we’re going to have a great trip away from home, the first thing we need to do is make sure we have the proper equipment. From head to toe, you definitely want to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical at the same time. It’s obvious that nobody likes to climb in heels or flip flops, but some things aren’t so obvious. To prevent insects from joining us, we must take long sleeves and long pants, which you can tuck into your socks. If it’s hot, choose clothes clear and colorful, which can keep you cooler, as well as protect you not only from insects, but also from the sun! Light colors have an added benefit, as they make it easier to see bugs trying to climb onto your clothes.


If you decide to go camping, the most important decision will be where to pitch your tent – can make all the difference, especially when it comes to defending ourselves against these dark insects. Some places are more prone to flies than others.. Bumblebees, for example, like to stay in the sun, so they tend to stay out of dark areas. As is known, most flies love garbage and its derivatives, so avoid dirty campsites. Also, flying insects need water for their eggs to hatch. If it has rained recently, a new wave of insects is very likely to appear, so it is best to avoid wet areas. Choose high, dry places to stay.

fly barriers

once we choose the perfect zonewe need to take some measurements preventive not to attract flies – we know that it is very difficult to lose attractiveness ;). Try to use fly barriers around the campsite to prevent them from approaching you.


In addition to placing a strategic barrier, we can use lighting to keep flies away from us. You might think this might work against us since flies are attracted to light, but here’s the trick: place the white or ultraviolet light facing up and out your tent and the flies will gather there instead of hanging around you all night! Also, just so you know, red or more yellowish lights don’t work as well, some flies and mosquitoes are afraid of hot light.


And, of course, there can be no camping without a bonfire! Baking clouds, singing songs, we can all picture the picture. but the best is smoke is a very good insect repellent they hate it To make it even more effective add some wet leaves and twigs, it will create more smoke and our camp will be the scariest place in the woods for critters.

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