Pests that can affect the economy of your business

It is believed that pests only appear in our homes. The truth is, they can appear anywhere, even in our business.

Gradually, more attention has been given to the importance of fumigation due to climate changes that have caused natural disasters that cities were not used to suffering, and there really are still no successful procedures to combat pests in these cases. or spread of pests, in many cases out of control.

There are quite a few pests that you might encounter on your desktop, but two of them can pose serious risks to your finances.

Pests that affect your business:

termites. They are fragile insects classified by three social classes: reproductive termites, soldier termites and worker termites. They are considered one of the most destructive pests, they have a mouthpart that allows them to devour large amounts of wood, therefore, they kill it quickly, causing damage to the structure of buildings, furniture, etc.

One way to notice this pest is through the traces of sawdust, or the deterioration of furniture. If your company’s furniture is damaged by termites, we recommend that you treat them to eliminate them and then send the furniture in for repair. It is important that you not only fumigate your furniture, but your entire business area in prevention mode.

rats. These rodents may infest our office, but you might wonder how they affect the company’s economy?

You see, mice carry a lot of illnesses, which can infect employees through their urine, feces and other ways. By disabling your employees, you will have less employees to work with and therefore reduce your workflow. In addition, rats tend to gnaw objects, as their teeth do not stop growing throughout their lives and they feel the need to wear them down, so they tend to gnaw wooden objects, cables, causing structural damage that can even cause fire. ., etc. We recommend subjecting the company to fumigation with rodenticides.

Now that you know, act fast! Buy insecticides and rodenticides to eliminate these dangerous pests before the consequences affect the economy of your business. At the of all pests We have everything you need for your home. Please contact us and ask about the products you will need.

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