Why should you fumigate your office?

One of the easiest places for pests to develop is in the office.

The lack of cleanliness in the dining room, the accumulation of documents or carelessness in the basements create the perfect environment for insects and parasites to silently take up residence in the office.

Pests that commonly settle in the office are cockroaches, rodents, ants, fleas and mites.

The dining room is the area where ants, cockroaches and rodents appear. The latter also like to chew up network and fiber optic cables, causing serious failures in the company’s communications.

On the other hand, fleas and mites are often strangers to the office, but they get there by moving on employees’ clothes and quickly settle in fabric furniture, such as chairs, armchairs and rugs.

Recommendations to avoid pests in the office:

1. Avoid leaving food residue🇧🇷 If your office has a dining room, make sure the microwave is always clean, as are the tables and floor. Remember that rodents and cockroaches will only approach this space if there is food.


2. Ask your employees to tend and clean their work area🇧🇷 As far as possible, prevent them from eating in your home, as crumbs can fall on the keyboard and, even if they are not visible, insects can detect them. Likewise, desk drawers must also be free of foods that invite insects, worms and rodents to approach.


3. Consider removing rugs. Being more difficult to clean, they are more prone to pest and mite infestations.


4. Clean up warehouses and archives from time to time. It can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, depending on your administration. The important thing is to discard all the things and papers that no longer serve, otherwise you will be providing a cozy environment for pests.


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