4 pests that will eat the roots of your plants and how to eliminate them

Plants bring our home to life. However, they can create damp conditions and insects take shelter in them, compounding the problem to the point of pests. There are different types of rhizophagous animals that commonly feed exclusively on plant roots. There are from rodents to insects, which we will show below.

types of pests

1. The larvae of scarabaeidae🇧🇷 Or known as “blind chickens”, they can create a serious problem in your plants, they are rarely pests in trees. This insect lays its eggs in the root collar of trees. They feed from phloem from the trunk and roots, killing it completely.

2. The white worm. This insect feeds on the pollen of flowers. However, they also live underground and feed on plant roots. It can cause the plant to lose its roots or the leaves to turn yellow, until it dies.

3. Field mice. The diet of this animal is very varied, but it also tends to feed on the roots of plants. They do a lot of damage by penetrating the roots of trees, feeding on the bark and causing the trees to die.

4. Fly larvae. When they are worms, they feed on the root of vegetables, such as carrots, causing the plant to die.

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