Where do cockroaches hide?

Cockroaches are the cause of bringing pathogens into our facilities transmitting diseases in our environment, normally they can infiltrate our bathrooms where it is common to bump into them, especially at night, which causes us stress and discomfort. But it’s one thing to come across one and it’s another even scarier thing to know that many more are in your house.

We share this list of places where cockroaches typically hide in our homes and use it to help prevent infestation issues.

1. Kitchen equipment

Do you cringe at the thought of cockroaches hiding behind your microwave, fridge or oven? Unfortunately, in these areas, in addition to toasters, coffee makers, etc. cockroaches love it, they are like a hotel for them, as they are hot, humid places with hundreds of crumbs of our food. We suggest taking the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen counters after preparing food, vacuuming the kitchen area and mopping regularly, taking out the trash daily, and making sure your sink drains work properly so you eliminate some of the biggest draws. of the cockroaches.


2. Cabinets

Think cockroaches can’t get into your closets? Of course yes, in fact they penetrate the cupboards without any problem to eat all the pieces of food they find there, so we suggest that you clean the cupboards and pantry regularly to make them less attractive for crawling insects, also for greater protection that you should store grains, pasta and croquettes in closed containers.

3. Laptops

You ate on your lap while preparing a performance for the evening. Who never did?? Unfortunately, very often the microcrumbs or particles from our snacks end up under the keys and there are species of cockroaches so small that they can camp under your keys. To make your electronics less attractive to cockroaches, it’s best to set them aside while you eat and use compressed air every now and then to clean them.

4. The pipes

The pipes that run through the walls of our rooms often provide dark places with many cavities where they can hide, add the dark ones with the humidity generated by running water, this creates an oasis for cockroaches. Do you want your home to be less friendly to them? Check regularly that there are no leaks in the pipes, and that the walls are well sealed around the pipes, eliminating entryways or preferred hiding places.

5. Your furniture

You’re not the only one in your house who thinks your living room is very nice and comfortable, cockroaches often camp there too, especially if you tend to spill potato crumbs and peanuts when watching your favorite series. What’s worse, cockroaches can nest their eggs right there, to avoid all this you have to regularly vacuum and inspect the porous wood furniture that you may have in your spaces.

6. Cracks

Finally, cracks in houses or apartments can be excellent hiding places for cockroaches, check your baseboards, cracks, behind the frames of your paintings and in the corners where you accumulate storage boxes. You can prevent infestations by eliminating storage censers that can attract roaches. Also, do an inspection of your home and make sure you close all the cracks in your rooms.

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