Tips for applying Cynoff correctly

Cynoff It is an ultra-myconized powder product that lasts for several weeks, controlling pests. Is totally right for humans and pets. Its active principle is cypermethrin which acts by contact and ingestion. O Cynoff It is a broad spectrum pyrethroid insecticide, ideal for exteriors and greasy surfaces. Helps control common pests such as cockroaches, scorpions and lice.

How to apply Cynoff

1. Pre-dilute the product instead of using the powder directly in the sprinkler, it’s easy! Dilute the powder in a container and pour the pre-dilution into the sprinkler. This step is what will help us to avoid lumps in the mixture and have a lower probability of clogging the sprinkler. If the sprinkler is clogged, it is necessary to clean it, preferably 1 time every 6 months.

two. Do not apply on dark surfacescan stain.

3. The solution is in powder form, so it is necessary to constantly shake the sprinkler while fumigating. If we don’t, it may affect the concentration of the solution when spreading the product.

4. It is recommends using the entire product on the same daybecause it can expire.

This solution is excellent for scorpion control. The effect it has is that it penetrates the skin with its fat-soluble powders.

The scorpion has an exoskeleton, that is, its skeleton “has” the outside and is made of fat. what Cynoff it is soluble in fats, quickly adheres to the animal, completely poisoning it.

Cynoff is a product that of all pests offers you, contact us and ask about our pest control products.

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