Everything you need to know to protect your wooden furniture

Most of us have at least one wooden piece of furniture at home. It is a very common material in interior decoration, as it is a functional, aesthetic and welcoming material. Unfortunately, wooden furniture is subject to gradual deterioration due to constant use and environmental factors. One of these damages is the fearsome termites, whose effects can make furniture unusable. Here we will show you some means of protection to avoid this damage.

Termite damage.

termites are insects that feed on wood. They are characterized by having a mouthpart that allows them to devour large amounts of wood. Therefore, they kill wooden furniture quickly.

How to detect them?

The tips leave tracks, that is, they leave a trail of sawdust making holes inside the furniture, expelling excrement to the surface. We recommend gently tapping wooden furniture where you feel it may be damaged. If it breaks and you notice that it has a hole, you have proof that you have termites.

How to remedy it?

Of course, furniture that is already damaged doesn’t have much remedy. Unless you want to rebuild the furniture or have it repaired by a carpenter. But first, you must subject your furniture to a treatment depending on the severity of the damage. If the damage is minor, try injecting anti-termite liquid into the affected space. If termites have spread through the furniture, we recommend that you spread the same liquid all over the furniture, but enclosed in a room. Thus, you will give the solution the opportunity to focus on the furniture for a longer time, and you will be able to paint or varnish it again.

Staining your furniture will help prevent it from spreading further onto your furniture, however try to keep a constant check on them. The liquid you need to kill termites is available at of all pests🇧🇷 Contact us and learn about all the options we can offer you.

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