How to get rid of cockroaches? 3 products to say goodbye to them

If you’ve tried all the commercial insecticides for cockroaches and you’re still afraid to go to the bathroom at night for fear of finding them, don’t worry!

At the of all plagues We present three effective products to put an end to them for good:

1. Sangha Gel.

It is a bait that contains an irresistible attraction for cockroaches, which is why they feed on the gel and take it to the colony, where to die🇧🇷 The poison spreads by taking advantage of the eating habits of cockroaches since they eat their own excrement and practice cannibalism.

To use it, several points must be applied through the syringe in the places they frequent, such as the kitchen, pantry, stove, bathrooms or bedrooms.


sangha gel

2. Maxforce Gel.

Cockroaches begin to die in the first hours of ingestion of the first application and they continue to die thanks to their domino effect (feeding on vomit, contact with contaminated cockroaches or cannibalism).

Its syringe makes it easy to use, apply the drops where they usually are and reapply when necessary or as soon as the cockroaches are finished with the first application.


Maxforce gel

3. Stay W.

Acts by contact and ingestioninhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase which is necessary for the normal transmission of nerve impulses.

It must be applied with a sprinkler that delivers 716 ml. of mixing per minute. Stay W can be used indoors and outdoors. For internal applications, please remember to wait 30 minutes to re-enter.


Stay W

These three products, accessible in our online store they will help you to leave fear and cockroaches in the past.

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