Get rid of your dog’s fleas quickly and effectively

Did you know that flea saliva contains substances that irritate your pet to the point of creating an allergic reaction?

The allergy is characterized by irritated skin as a result of the intense act of scratching, licking and nibbling the animal itself, presenting dermatitis and hair loss.

Take care of your pet, at De Todo Plagas we tell you how to eliminate fleas from your dog with Frontline Plus:

frontline plus It is an antiparasitic that will help you eliminate fleas, eggs and larvae that inhabit your dog. It also acts on immature animals in the environment, which protects them from re-infestations, since, after the first bite, fleas can lay up to 2,000 eggs in the first 36 hours.

This product is so effective that it kills adult fleas within 24 hours of contact.

Furthermore, frontline plus It will help you protect your pet for 3 months against fleas and one month against ticks.

How to apply Frontline Plus?

1. There are different presentations depending on your pet’s weight, so choose accordingly.
2. Cut off the marked pipette tip.
3. Apply all content from frontline plus in the lower part of the neck, in the middle of the shoulders and that’s it!

Your dog’s movement causes the product to be distributed throughout its skin and fur using its sebaceous glands as a reserve, which will distribute frontline plus through the fat continuously.

frontline plus

We recommend that you do not apply the product immediately after bathing, as your dog does not have as much oil on the skin and hair, which makes it difficult to evenly distribute the product. In other words, don’t bathe your dog two days before and after the application.

Best of all, you can pet your pet after application. frontline plus, as its active ingredients only have a toxic effect on the insects that infest your pet. That is, it does not cause harmful effects to your health.

Remember to reapply it every 3 months to prevent fleas from returning to your dog and irritating his skin again.

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