Does Silverfish Harm Dogs?

If you have a labrador, a shitzu or a chihuahua, it’s important to know which insects can be harmful to your beloved pet. Surely you already know what types of pest are dangerous for your dogs like fleas, ticks and even mosquitoes and mites.

Although the silver fish (Saccharina Silverfish) They may seem frightening to our pups, there is no record that they can cause any harm to our beloved pets. Silverfish do not sting or bite.Furthermore, they are not carriers of any pathogenic disease that can be transmitted to canine beings, –nor humans- while we’re at it.

In fact, moths are considered more of a nuisance than a risk, so unless your dog is allergic to the dust these insects give off when they shed their skin, it’s highly unlikely that they will experience any negative reaction when coming into contact with them. . this particular insect.

What are silverfish?

In fact, they are one of the oldest insects on the planet, believed to have inhabited the earth for a hundred billion years (100,000,000,000 years) before the dinosaurs, so they were already prehistoric in the age of dinosaurs! If you’re familiar with other prehistoric creatures, like some types of cockroaches, you know they didn’t evolve enough to be considered beauties of nature. As small as they are, the silver fish can cause a lot of terror for their scaly skin, shiny bodies, and spiky tail-like appendages.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that silverfish do not have wings, however, when using some method of defense to survive, they are incredibly fast when running with movements that resemble fish when moving, which helps them to protect themselves when they feel threatened by predators. around them, another fact is that they are nocturnal.

What problems do silverfish cause?

Although they don’t bother your dog, if they can be a big headache for us, these insects prefer to feed on starches, they are also known to search for old books, newspapers and magazines, so it is common to find them in the storage boxes in our houses, they also love to feed on the glue normally used to glue the pages of books, which is also used by the way to paste wallpaper on the walls.

As you can see, the silverfish (Saccharina Silverfish) they are capable of doing their share of damage to homes, especially if you’re the collector type or shopkeeper for family photos and documents.

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