The 4 most common ants in Mexico

Have you ever been bitten by an ant? Whether leaving food scraps in the kitchen or during a walk in the park, it is very common to find them and be victims of their bites.

And while you might be able to identify one or the other, you certainly don’t know the 4 most common ant species in Mexico. Below, we present its main habits and characteristics so that you can identify and eliminate them effectively.

Most common ants in Mexico:

Argentine ant
Linepithema humile


Argentine ant

Worker ants are light to dark brown in color and measure from 2 mm to 3.10 mm, while queens can measure from 4.10 mm to 6.25 mm.

They can eat everything, but they prefer sweets, they live in humid soil in contact with buildings, close to wood, plants and a nearby water source.

There can be several queen ants in the same anthill, each colony can contain millions of ants! Its eggs are white and are laid during the summer, reaching adulthood in 74 days.

The Argentine ant is characterized by killing other insects, being very adaptable and aggressive.

If this pest is left unchecked, they create interlocking nests until they become infestation🇧🇷

pharaoh ant
Monomorium pharaonis


Pharaoh Formiga, credits:

Yellowish to reddish in color, worker pharaoh ants measure from 2.1 mm to 5 mm.

Their diet is varied, but they prefer sweets. They seek to be located in humid and warm spaces of any building, for example, between foundations, on roofs, pipes, etc.

In the nest there are usually thousands of worker ants and several queens, they reproduce all year round.

To kill the argentinian and pharaoh ant, we recommend using antex gel Due to its easy application, just locate the places where the ants travel and put a few drops of antex gel🇧🇷 Ants will consume it and pass it from mouth to mouth to the entire colony until they die.


fire ant
Solenopsis spp.


fire ant

They are reddish in color with a yellowish head and can measure from 5 mm to 6.25 mm.

Your anthills are on land and colonies can have up to 500,000 workers! They are characterized by being aggressive and injecting venom in their bite.

They adapt easily to various climates and feed on meat, fat, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Quickly eliminate fire ants from your home with Antex Granulated. This insecticide does not require prior preparation, it is enough to apply it at the anthill entrances, without obstructing them. Note that the ants introduce the bait towards the anthill and in a period of 2 to 5 days, it will cease its activity.


Antex Granules (Abamectin) are made from natural and organic materials that are very attractive to ants.

carpenter ant


carpenter ant

They are black, but some of them are also often reddish or yellow. They measure from 6.25mm to 18.78mm.

They get their name not because they eat wood, but because they tunnel inside wood to form their nests.

They feed on other insects, they also prefer sweets and meat. Carpenter ants are active throughout the year.

Kill the carpenter ant using Cynoff 40 WP, It is used by spraying on walls, floors or crevices, just mix the product with water until a homogeneous mixture is formed.



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