Fumigation: absolute remedy to control your pest

Many people downplay the importance of fumigation for their home or business, even when it comes to sanitation and environmental hygiene operations.

Fumigations allow us to control urban pests in our homes and businesses. In addition to causing disease, they cause material damage, which generates a considerable economic impact for the homeowner or business.

Some examples of dangerous insects are: scorpions, dengue, bees, spiders, snakes, among others. All pests can bring diseases such as: malaria, leptospirosis, rabies, poisoning by stings, salmonellosis, hantavirus, among others.

It is important that you know that your fumigation can vary depending on the type of pest you have.

It is also important to be careful and take some precautions before spraying:

  • Before fumigation: Deep clean your home, close windows, unplug any electrical appliances, move food away from areas to be fumigated.
  • After fumigation: Keep the house locked and try not to occupy it the same day, mop the floor after fumigation and open the windows to circulate the air, follow the instructions that the specialist will give you, since everything can vary depending on the chemical they use for fumigation.

Using the wrong control method will not eliminate the problem and will be a waste of money.

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