The 5 most common urban pests in Monterrey

Do you know the pests your home is susceptible to? And, more importantly, do you have any ideas on how to effectively kill them?

At the of all plagues We inform you about the most common urban pests in Monterrey and the insecticides needed to kill them, get to work!

5 most common urban pests in Monterrey

1. Birds. At first glance, it seems that birds pose no danger to be classified as pests. However, once installed, they create dirt with their droppings, which are corrosive to building materials. Birds are full of pathogenic organisms harmful to humans and domestic animals, in addition to being carriers of ticks, lice, fleas, etc. Want more reasons to keep them away from home?

Keep them away from your home with Bird-X repellent, which makes it difficult for birds to move around the places where this gel is applied. It doesn’t hurt them, it just creates an unpleasant feeling in their paws that makes them move.


Bird-X repellent

2. Rodents. They are recognized for damaging materials inside the home, such as cables, wood, cardboard, etc., in addition to contaminating food that is left in the open, putting the health of your family at risk.

rodilon pellets It’s the rodenticide you need in your home, it acts by ingestion causing internal bleeding causing death without apparent pain.

The amount to use depends on the degree of infestation, to begin with, 50 to 100 g are needed. depending on the observed consumption. Reapply rodilon pellets from 3 to 5 days.

rodilon pellets

3. Cockroaches. It goes without saying how unpleasant it is to see a cockroach in your home and if it finds favorable conditions there, it will spread out to create an infestation. They breed in damp places and where they can find food, so it’s very common to find them in homes.

To get rid of cockroaches in your home, we recommend using Tyson 2Einsecticide that acts on the nervous system when ingested or in contact with it.

Tyson 2E

4. Termites. Underground terminals are the ones that often attack your home, damaging the plaster, plastic, aluminum or cement as they search for food.

Forget the termites with Premise 2 SCapply with an injection kit to cracks and damaged places.

Premise 2 SC

5. Bedbugs. They feed on your blood at night and live in your mattress, as this is where they find the moisture and food they need to survive. The female is capable of laying 200 eggs during her lifetime, which take 10 days to hatch, this life cycle facilitates the creation of an infestation in her room.

Get rid of bed bug infestation with Cynoff CE, applying it by spraying on ceilings, walls and floors. Due to its chemical characteristics, Cynoff CE it has a high eviction and referencing power, forcing the pest out to die.

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