Bed Bugs: The Bug You Share a Bed With

That’s right, chances are you are sharing your bed with these nasty bugs and not only that, you are also feeding them as they feed on your blood during the night.

And it is thanks to her that they can live their entire life cycle. While there is currently no evidence that bed bugs are involved in the transmission of infection or disease in humans, they are extremely irritating, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

How to detect if I share the bed with bedbugs?

– I have body biteswhether in the abdominal area, neck, arms, back, legs and occasionally, the feet.
🇧🇷 Blood stains. If you find small spots of blood on the sheets or in the seams of the mattress, it is blood from the stool digested by your new roommate.
🇧🇷 Dead or live bedbugsnymphal cuticles and whole or hatched eggs.


How to get rid of them?

1. If there is no infestationthey can be removed by vacuuming the mattress, as long as the vacuum cleaner has a removable bag, which must be discarded, preferably incinerated.
two. In case of infestation, it is better to kill them through pest control. The insecticide must be applied directly to previously identified shelters.

For these cases, we recommend Cynoff 40 WP, a long-lasting insecticide, it does not stain or smell, it is safe for humans and pets. Its active principle is cypermethrin and acts by contact and ingestion.

If you have any additional questions about the application or handling of other products, please contact us! At De Todo Plagas, we are here to advise you.

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