Find out how many bugs you share a house with

It’s amazing to think that, in the warmth and safety of your home, we live with insects whose dangers we are often unaware of. We know very little about insect biodiversity in homes. Since insecticide was always on our minds as our medicine, we believed that the animals that inhabited our house were the least.

The study identified 579 different species of arthropods, which in the houses had an average of 100 species of morpho. The most common groups of arthropods in homes were flies, spiders, ants, beetles and lice.

How did these arthropods develop?

You don’t have to be scared and think that all these species live in your house. Many of them simply managed to get in by other means. But many of these arthropods are not prepared to live in the conditions of one, so they die quickly.

Remedy to eliminate them.

Although many may seem harmless, we cannot trust them as they can cause some illnesses.

One way to combat these insects would be through a thorough spraying of your home.

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