5 Types of Insects You Can Kill with Biothrine

How annoying it is to have a pest in your home or business, but it is more annoying all the time you invest to get rid of the pest. Fortunately, in of all pests we count on Biotrin.

biotrin is our range of professional insecticides. Developed to meet all the needs of professional pest controllers, who demand efficiency and versatility in all treatments. Its use is recommended in maintenance treatments that require the guarantee of very long periods of protection, as well as in the treatment of delicate areas and surfaces such as upholstery, curtains, etc. It is also ideal for porous and highly absorbent surfaces such as stone walls, tyrol, brick, partitions, wood, etc.

5 types of bugs you can kill with Biothrine:

1. Cockroaches. These insects are not easy to eliminate. They have a great capacity for survival and adaptation. Even when they break into your home, they do so in roach colonies.

2. Wasps. They are annoying insects with painful bites and their loud buzzing that causes us to panic every time they get close to us. Many people are allergic to its bite, which is why it is so important to fumigate this pest.

3. Flies. These insects, despite not being very dangerous, can become very annoying. Trying to eliminate them completely is a difficult task because they are very agile animals and difficult to control.

4. Fleas. These small insects sometimes infiltrate our home, despite the fact that we maintain hygiene. They are difficult animals to exterminate, so pay close attention, especially if you have a pet, as it is their favorite place to live.

5. Spiders. They are one of the most prevalent pests in the home, but curiously they never seek contact with humans. The reaction caused by spider venom depends from one person to another.

There are far more pests than biotrin can eliminate, however, we present the best known ones so that you can see the advantages of this product. Remember that by fumigating you prevent your staff from having serious illnesses caused by insects. At the of all pests We have this product and many more you need for your fumigation. Contact us and we will support you in making the best choice.

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