Get rid of cockroaches with these simple steps

Cockroaches are tough and highly unpleasant insects. And although they are not wild or aggressive animals, they bring with them many illnesses Its high resistance and adaptability are recognized, which makes it a difficult pest to eliminate. When they invade a place, they invade entire colonies. It is important that the method we will use is a process of proper form, minimizing risks and increasing efficiency. For all this, we bring you these tips to control your pest.

Steps to control your cockroach infestation

1. Identify if it really is a pest. It is important to take this into account, as a method for eliminating cockroaches can be applied and does not exist. One way to tell is through your stool, which is similar to coffee grounds. You can apply baits and average how many cockroaches are in the trap per day. When doing this, you must take into account where they are hiding, cockroaches are usually always close to food. That might be your first place to look for them.

2. Avoid feeding them. Eliminate traces of food that could feed them, as what this will do is make them want to go out less. Another idea is not to accumulate garbage in the cans and remove it every day. If you let it, there’s no point in cleaning it, all you do is make it easier for the insect to find food.

3. Boric acid. This product is not toxic to us, but it is to these insects. Apply a light layer of this powder where cockroaches roam. Avoid leaving traces of food or moisture in the area to be applied. When the roach walks over the area, the boric acid sticks to its body, damaging its skeleton. The cockroach will die approximately 72 hours after coming into contact with the chemical.

It is important to remove these pests before they cause problems. At the of all pests We have many cockroach control products such as baits and traps, boric acid and other insecticides. All this will help you to be more effective in eliminating these cockroaches.

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