Can You Get Bed Bugs From Hugging Someone?

Although it is technically possible to contract bed bugs from a hug, this is extremely uncommon. There is no need to be concerned about contracting bed bugs from another person after a brief physical encounter, unlike bacteria or viruses.

As long as you keep your clothing away from beds and furnishings when you are at another person’s home, there is very little chance that you will contract any bugs via hugging.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how bed bugs are spread from one person to another, whether or not there is physical contact.

Is embracing someone going to give me bed bugs?

Yes, touching someone who has bed bugs on their clothing can cause you to contract bed bugs. However, the likelihood of this happening is extremely low because bed bugs aren’t just lying about, waiting to leap on you as you hug.

While you are active, bed bugs barely move. They enjoy hiding during the day and moving around at night when their host is sleeping.

Giant bed bugs

There is a potential that if you embrace someone who has bed bugs on their clothing, you will also get bed bugs, but it will depend on how long you hug that person.

The other person’s bed bugs must be really hungry for them to be desperate enough to move and put themselves in danger in order for you to obtain bed bugs from hugging.

When bed bugs are starving, they become quite aggressive and will migrate at any time of day to find a meal.

If my friend has bed bugs, how can I tell?

It makes sense that most people would choose to keep their bed insect problem a secret from others. This is so because the majority of people link the pest to unclean dwellings and inadequate hygiene. You might not even be aware that someone close to you is infected with bed bugs.

It might be challenging to determine if someone has bed bugs. Sometimes checking their bed is the only way to be certain.

Other indications include bite marks on your friend’s arms and legs, but those are never certain because they might be mistaken for bites from other insects.

The bug itself can also be seen. Suppose you enter their home or ride in their car. Look for reddish-brown, six-legged insects the size of an apple seed. They have two antennae and are flat and barrel-shaped. They could have more swollen, rounder bodies if they’ve eaten recently.

You can always ask that friend about it if you are worried and you get along well with them. Do it gently, without passing judgment or showing disrespect. They might already be aware and just need someone to confide in.

What are the telltale symptoms that a friend’s house might be infested?

In the bedroom, bed bugs establish harborages or places to hide. Because they have easy access to their food source, it is their preferred spot to reside.

Bed bugs hide throughout the day in little crevices and fissures where they are invisible. Concentrate your search on the box spring, headboard, and mattress. Check for any folds, fractures, or grooves, including the piping along the mattress edge. Do not overlook the underside.

Be alert for fecal spots, or bed bug poop, in addition to the actual bugs. It will resemble patches of black ink. They are flat and difficult to remove.

The translucent exoskeletons of bed bugs resemble motionless pale brown insects. The nymphs molt as they develop into adult bed bugs, shedding their exoskeletons.

Without a flashlight and a magnifying glass, bed bug eggs are exceedingly minute and challenging to spot. They are 1mm long, oval-shaped, and white.

Although they can be found in other rooms of the house, bed bugs are most frequently detected eight feet or less from a bed.

Can a buddy get bed bugs from you?

It’s acceptable to feel uneasy and concerned about this possibility. Bed bugs are among the most challenging pests to eradicate. Never allow these pests to infest you or your house.

Bed bugs cannot attach to your skin or hair, but they can be acquired straight from a person whose home is infested. They come off when you turn around. Because of this, they wait until you are asleep to climb up on you and eat before hiding once more.

However, clothing and bags can serve as harborage for bed bugs. A bug can find its way into one of the pockets if your friend leaves his coat on his bed. Therefore, when he comes to your house, that bug might crawl out and make itself at home.

Unfortunately, it only takes one or two-bed bugs to infest your home; before long, you’ll have an infestation.

How to prevent contracting bed bugs from someone else

Be in touch with your friend.

  • Keep in mind that your friend might feel humiliated about the situation, so go into the chat with composure and without passing judgment.
  • Tell them to wash everything in sealed plastic bags and to dry-clean everything at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This article has appeared on
  • Tell them to change into a fresh set of clothes before you leave their place.
  • Inform them to clean and keep their luggage, handbags, and backpacks in airtight plastic bags.
  • They ought to vacuum the entire house and then empty the vacuum into a garbage can outside.
    They should refrain from moving items from their bedroom into other areas of the house.
  • Tell them to use expert pest control services if they have the money to do so in order to rid their home of all bugs, nymphs, and eggs.

prevent contracting bed bugs

Try not to invite your pal over to your place.

Tell your friend to refrain from visiting your home while they are still dealing with their bed insect issue. Because even if people do their washing thoroughly, a few bugs might still find their way onto their clothing.

  • Tell your friend that you would prefer not to have them around until their bed bugs are eliminated. Instead, visit a public space like a park, café, or movie theater.
  • You can get coverings for your couches and chairs if you really must have your pal over.
  • Ask them to take off their shoes, clothes, and bag when they arrive at your home. Place their possessions in a closet that is vacant and does not contain any of yours.
  • Ask your guest to stay in your spare bedroom if you have one.
  • Once they’ve left, take the slipcovers off the furniture and wash and dry them on the highest heat setting.
  • Examine the spaces they occupied to see whether they left any bed bugs behind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get bed bugs from being around someone who has them?

Yes, when visiting an area with bed bugs, everyone is susceptible to contracting them. However, there is a larger danger of being bitten and/or helping to spread a bed bug infestation for anyone who travels frequently and shares living and sleeping spaces with others who have previously slept there.

bed bugs infestation

How easily do bed bugs transfer?

Are bed bugs contagious from person to person? Unlike lice, which move from person to person while being carried on the body, bed bugs do not. However, they can move around on clothing. In this manner, people can unknowingly transfer bed bugs to others.

How easy is it to bring bed bugs home?

Since bedbugs lack wings, they must be transported from one location to another by people or animals. They generally enter your house through your baggage or clothing after an overnight excursion. Or if you bring in used, infected furniture, they can get inside your house.

What do you do if you touch someone with bed bugs?

Infestations with bed bugs can be exceedingly irritating. You could wind up covered in itching, red bites even though they don’t spread disease. However, you can take precautions to stop the spread of bed bugs, such as routinely examining your room for indications of the presence of bed bugs, screening your clothing and luggage when you travel, and clearing your room of any mounds of clothing where they can hide.


It is possible to contract bed bugs through a hug, although it is quite unusual.

Feel free to hug someone whose home is infested with bugs. Don’t hold back from giving a hug to express your devotion.

Of course, this does not mean that there is absolutely no chance that you may experience a bed insect problem. Some bed bugs may climb onto your clothes and enter your home if the person is wearing clothing with bed bugs on it. Just keep in mind that there is very little chance of such happening.

Just keep in mind not to leave your coat on the person’s bed or couch in order to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you. A brief hug should be fine.

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